San Francisco

Last weekend was just one of those times where I just felt like getting out of my comfort zone and going somewhere. Four friends and I took my car (an Altima named Velma. She’s a trooper…it was a six hour drive, more if you include the DEAD stop on the 5 from the mudslides) up to San Francisco. I had been there before but it had been quite some time. As much as I adore Los Angeles, San Francisco had me absolutely stunned. The whole entire layout of the city was beautiful. Not a single house looked the same (at least where I was staying). I just wonder who thought it was a good idea to put a city in an area with such steep hills. They probably knew how incredible it would look when it was complete. It was so colorful and compact.  Last week marked my first week of Project: Record-All-The-Memories-You-Make-Now-So-You-Can-Reminisce-Later. In other words, Two friends and I ran around San Francisco taking pictures and making video blogs (which you can find here). We should all want to remember every beautiful moment of this life. Thank goodness we’ve all been blessed with such incredible technology for that. After all, this is the NOW REVOLUTION. Don’t be afraid of taking selfies in public or talking to video cameras. This is how the world can be now, so let it be.

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P.S.: Shoutout to my home state for putting me on the radio. You have no idea how excited I am about that. Now let’s bring it to California!

P.P.S.: Be looking out for some AWESOME phone interviews I got to do this past week! They were so much fun to do.